What's The Best Cheese Curd In Wisconsin? Make It Your Job To Find Out

Cheese curds are one of those magical foods that are still pretty good even when they're below average. Seriously, it's fried cheese—how bad could it be? So it's hard to think of a downside to this job posting from EatStreet, a Madison, Wisconsin-based food delivery service, except for maybe the title. EatStreet is looking for a "Curd Nerd," a person to tour the great state of Wisconsin in search of the very best cheese curd.

Well, okay, it's a marketing job, which would require a lot of time on social media, and it's only for two weeks, and the pay is up to $12.50 an hour—or $1,000—which isn't a lot. But EatStreet would be covering all your travel expenses, so there's that. And eating that much fried cheese probably wouldn't be very good for your overall health. But hey! It's better than some other food-related job postings we've seen.