Stoner Sandwich Shop Founder Calls Quizno's, Carl's Jr. "Bandwagon Douchebags"

Perhaps you're not familiar with Cheba Hut. If that's the case, allow me to paint a picture: Cheba Hut is a stoner-themed sandwich shop founded in Tempe, Arizona in 1998 that now has locations scattered across the West. Long before medical (let alone recreational) marijuana was legal anywhere, Cheba Hut was slinging sandwiches called Chronic, Sticky Icky, Kush, and Dank, with a vibe that's part surf shop, part head shop. But apparently, Cheba Hut's founder isn't so keen on the marijuana going mainstream, especially when it comes to other sandwich chains cashing in on cannabis.

In an interview with Westword last month, Cheba Hut founder Scott Jennings said he's "never been a fan of [marijuana] going mainstream," saying it means more people are interested in it just for the profits. He didn't mince words in expressing his opinion on chains like Carl's Jr., which introduced a burger that contained CBD, or cannabidoil, on April 20 in Denver: "There are a lot of fakers and bandwagon douchebags out there chasing trends to increase profits," he said.

But he saved the choicest barbs for Quizno's, the toasted sub chain you forgot existed, serving them a cease and desist letter for calling a new, limited-time sandwich "Magic Mushroom." Though Quizno's was only planning to serve the ridiculous-looking sandwich for one day, to mark Denver's decriminalization of psilocybin or "magic mushrooms," Jennings wasn't having it. "It's such a great sandwich," Jennings told Westword, referring to the Cheba Hut Magic Mushroom sandwich. "I don't want it overshadowed by something that's bullshit."

Apparently, Jennings sent the cease and desist letter to Quizno's headquarters, along with an adult entertainer dressed as a police officer. Quizno's responded to Jennings with a pretty funny email (as far as corporate communications go), and says it will donate all profits from the sale of the Magic Mushroom Melt to the Food Bank Of The Rockies. That seems like an adequately chill response to an argument over psychedelic sandwiches.