The Cheapest Ballpark Beer And Hot Dogs In The Country

If you're gonna spring for MLB merch, make sure you don't go broke on hot dogs and beer.

You can always expect to find some kind of ridiculous food novelties at a baseball stadium. Waffle fries and ice cream sold in baseball helmets are staple items, and when I ordered a soda at a Los Angeles Angels game last year I had to spring for the Shohei Ohtani commemorative cup. But dropping an extra 10 bucks on a take-home souvenir isn't quite the same as, oh, spending $25,000 on a burger.

That's the cost of the newest item on the menu at the Atlanta Braves' Truist Park, CBS Sports reports. The World Championship Burger is a half-pound Wagyu beef burger, and the fixings include a grilled lobster tail, truffle aioli, and gold-leafed Hudson Valley foie gras. For $151, you can get the burger and a replica World Series ring—but for $25,000, you get a real limited-edition World Series ring with your burger.

While on its own this is just a ridiculous offering, it's even more surprising that this is popping up in Atlanta, a city that has notoriously low stadium concession costs across all sports leagues. Lucky for Braves fans, the World Championship Burger isn't the only thing on the menu, and you can still manage to grab a hot dog and a beer at Truist for less than $10.

Cheapest baseball stadium concessions

Gimmicky limited-time offerings aside, there are plenty of other stadiums that have managed to keep food costs at a reasonable level, too. Cheapism outlines the prices of the cheapest hot dog and beer available at all 30 MLB stadiums (thanks to 2021 data from the sports business news site Team Marketing Report). While some of the numbers caused me to do a spit take—looking at you, New York Mets!—there were plenty of affordable offerings for the current baseball season, many in the same ballpark (pun not intended) as Truist. In some cases the beers are even cheaper than the hot dogs, a truly magnificent sight.


(It's important to note that in some cases, the reason concession prices are getting cheaper is to offset increased ticket prices—but if you were gonna buy a ticket to see your favorite team anyway, you can use this list to decide if you're gonna eat before the game or grab a frank and a brew at the park.)

Baseball stadiums with a hot dog and a beer for $10 or less

  • Arizona Diamondbacks, Chase Field: Hot dog $2, beer $4
  • Miami Marlins, LoanDepot Park: Hot dog $3, beer $5
  • Colorado Rockies, Coors Field: Hot dog $5.75, beer $3
  • New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium: Hot dog $3, beer $6
  • Minnesota Twins, Target Field: Hot dog $4, beer $5.50
  • Kansas City Royals, Kauffman Stadium: Hot dog $4, beer $5.50
  • Atlanta Braves, Truist Park: Hot dog $4.75, beer $5
  • Tampa Bay Rays, Tropicana Field: Hot dog $5, beer $5
  • Once you have your food and drink in hand, there's only one thing left to do: Root, root, root for the home team. If they don't win it's a shame—but at least you didn't blow your budget on snacks while watching them lose.