Charles Manson Memorial Doughnut Draws Disapproval From Non-Murdering Public

Serial killer fandom is one of those bizarre things I'll never wrap my head around. But perhaps folks who rock Charles Manson socks (yep, this is a thing) or John Wayne Gacy t-shirts were the target audience of Portland's Voodoo Doughnut's this week, when they decided to create a memorial doughnut for the racist who ordered the murders of five people. As for the general non-murdering public, not so much.

The ultra-popular PDX doughnut shop has previously honored the late and great Tom Petty and Fats Domino. And their Prince tribute doughnuts nearly broke the internet. But the general reaction was "WTF" when this horror show popped up on their Instagram and Twitter feeds Monday (it's since been deleted, but y'all know how and when to screenshot):

After tweeting a photo of the doughnut with #CharlesManson, Voodoo quickly followed up with "*Not celebrating. Villains die too." But it was too late, and Twitter reacted swiftly and fiercely.

You would think as they were drawing the X instead of a swastika in frosting on the thing, it would have raised some red flags. But, nah.

All social media references have since been deleted by Voodoo. No word on who ate the murderous doughnuts, or whether they ended up in the trash where Manson belongs.