Chalupa-Loving Cartographer Links Cincinnati Taco Bells Into Beautiful Subway Map

Only 2 percent of Cincinnati's population uses public transit. The Cincinnati Enquirer has done some reporting on this, including sourcing suggestions from readers (more buses, more times, etc.) The paper also found a cool thing on Reddit, in a subreddit called subwaysubway.

In that sub, members share ideal transit maps created by connecting all the locations of a specific food chain (like a subway connected by Subways, get it?) In this case, we've got a Cincinnati transit map based on Taco Bell locations.

Look at this magnificent creation:

As Enquirer reporter Sallee Ann Ruibal puts it, "You could grab a Crunchwrap on your ride into work. You could easily procure Fourth Meal on your way home from the bar. You could grab a case of tacos whenever you dang well feel like it."

There are some glorious maps in the sub, including this beauty (also from Epicapabilities) that links all the Applebee's in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. So hey, if that public trans ever comes to fruition, Minnesota residents could safely get hella fucked up for less than $4.