Cereal Mixed Into Ice Cream Has Us Daydreaming Of Possibilities

Nashville is abuzz with news that an upcoming ice cream shop will feature cereal-infused ice cream. The Cosmic Creamery will open next month alongside cookie dough shop, NoBaked Cookie Dough, both owned by Megan and Jimmy Feeman.


As a delightful hypnotic video shows, customers will be able to choose their favorite cereal, along with fruit and yes, even candy to be infused into what looks like vanilla soft serve in a cone. The Tennessean reports that customer will also be able to choose from among the space-themed shop's signature flavors, like "The Rocket Man infused with Fruity Pebbles, Star Dust infused with Lucky Charms marshmallows and The Milky Way infused with Cookie Crisp and mixed with chocolate chip cookie dough from NoBaked." This takes cereal milk to an entirely new, solid level.

Good for Nashville, but this isn't exactly a groundbreaking concept: The Feemans say that they were inspired to open this new enterprise after seeing similar setups in New York. I remember a shop in Champaign, Illinois when I was in college (so, approximately 100 years ago) that offered something similar, kind of like a DIY Blizzard before there was a Blizzard. Candy, cereal, fruit—choose whatever you like and they'd mix it all in. On the heels of our cereal milk taste test, The Takeout staff spent a few beautiful minutes daydreaming about the wonderful cereal mix-in + ice cream combinations possible:

  • Strawberry ice cream + Apple Jacks
  • Blackberry ice cream + Cookie Crisp
  • Banana ice cream + mini Reese's cups + Golden Grahams
  • Sweet cream ice cream + Corn Flakes
  • Any other ice cream + cereal combos sound good? Let us know, we beg you.