Celebs Are Inexplicably Into Milk Vodka Right Now

Milk vodka. Milk? Vodka? Milk-vodka. No matter how I type this phrase, it just doesn't seem right. But hey, celebs will try any new luxury spirit if someone tells them it's hip and British, I guess. Forbes reports that a bunch of stars like Orlando Bloom, Christina Hendricks, and Chris Pine recently attended a party for Black Cow vodka, a U.K. brand of vodka made from cow's milk. Milk vodka is, apparently, all the rage.

"It's being enjoyed at private events by some of Hollywood's elite, making one wonder where this milk vodka came from and how it's reached the lips of such an influential crowd," says Forbes. How indeed? Vodka is traditionally made from potatoes or sometimes grain or grapes. But Black Cow is made from whole milk from West Dorset cows, which is separated into curds (used to make cheese) and whey. The whey is then fermented with a specific strain of yeast; the liquid is distilled and blended; and voila, milk vodka. Recipes on the Black Cow website suggest trying it in an espresso martini, Mos-Cow Mule, and Pink Cow And Tonic. You can mix those up and report back, please.

Black Cow also says its product is ultrasmooth, and the liquor does boast a gold medal from the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Exports of it to the U.S. have increased, and Forbes reports it's done especially well in L.A.—thanks to those celebs, maybe—and San Francisco. Has anyone told The Dude yet?