Cauliflower Pizza Reaches The Epicenter Of Mainstream: Chuck E. Cheese

More and more, it looks like healthier dining alternatives will outlive the "fad" labeling they're receiving in some corners of the world. Chains not historically associated with their conscious-minded offerings are jumping aboard the rapidly accelerating train, and if you needed further proof that it's going mainstream, look no further than the gleaming international bastion of inexpensive pizza and that one Jurassic Park arcade machine: Chuck E. Cheese.

The arcade/pizza/small plastic prizes-mainstay offers the latest evidence that gluten-free and veggie-forward options are becoming a part of everyday life, with the announcement of its Super Cauli Crust pizza. In partnership with Caulipower, the caulifower-crusted pizza will only be available for a limited time (for now, anyway), and will allow kids of all eating habits and/or dietary restrictions to attend the loud, brightly colored birthday parties of their friends without further issue. Parents, too.

The pizzas are available in-restaurant, as well as for delivery, so that consumers can potentially enjoy the Super Cauli Crust as a part of their Chuck E. Cheese home party kit. One question The Takeout staffers had while discussing this story: Exactly who is this for? Kids aren't particularly picky about eating anything resembling a pizza. This promotion is seemingly aimed more at their parents, who may enjoy added peace of mind knowing that what their kids are eating isn't as unhealthy as it could be. (That said, we're under no illusions about this pizza being a substitute for a basket of raw Brussels sprouts or the like.) You're buying away some guilt, while your kids burn off the comparably low carbs.

For as fashionable as it might sometimes be to rag on the onetime purveyor of terrifying children's animatronics and its food, we're always going to be emphatically pro-dining options in just about every restaurant context, up to and including those where the dining is being done within 10 feet of a ball pit.