Carrot Reunites Woman With Long-Lost Ring

In 2006, Lin Keitch's ring was lost. It was given to her for her 40th birthday by her husband, Dave, an amethyst in the shape of a heart. Her fingers outgrew it, and so she gifted it to her daughter Sarah, then in her mid-20s. Sarah then lost the ring in the garden. (Fuckin' kids.) But when does the carrot come in, you ask? I was promised a helpful carrot, you cry! Well, here comes the carrot. No stick required.

As the Somerset County Gazette reports, Dave—a "keen gardener"—dug up some carrots in in the family patch for lunch. He tossed them in a tub by the door, and Keitch picked them up to give them a wash. And there was her ring, 12 years later. A carrot had grown right through the center of it.

At this point, I must ask you to click on the County Gazette's story, not because it's charming as hell—though it is—but because they've got a photo of the carrot with the ring on it and you've got to see the thing, you simply must. Click away, we'll be here.

Welcome back. Cool, right? Somebody option this story for a kid's movie immediately, give the carrot a franchise, let me know when there's a Funko POP of this little guy, etc. We've already got a good villain, don't we, adult daughter Sarah?

Keitch agrees with me on one thing: this story is just so damn delightful. As she told the County Gazette, "The carrot had grown into the ring. It must be a chance in a million... It was so amazing. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was great to get my ring back after all those years."

She's now on the fence about the ring's future. "We searched high and low but couldn't find it. I was gutted and never thought it would turn up again Although I had handed it down to [Sarah], I'm deciding whether to give it back to her or not. I may just clean it up and keep it in a box."

Lin Keitch and Dave will soon be celebrating Lin's 70th birthday, and plan to celebrate by buying a new car, which will be much harder to lose in the garden. Presumably they won't be lending it out any time soon, Sarah.