Carnegie Deli Returns With 1958 Menu Prices, Thanks To The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which returns to Amazon Prime Video with a second season on December 5, picked up a very heavy wagonful of Emmys in September—eight in total, including one for Best Comedy Series. What shall I do with all my newfound clout?, the show may have wondered to itself, thoughtfully stroking its metaphorical chin with its non-existent arms in the part of my brain that likes to imagine television shows as sentient beings with distinct personalities. I've got weight I can throw around now. I can do anything! And so it was that a television series somehow resurrected the Carnegie Deli.

Now, a few quick points of clarification. First, the Carnegie Deli does, in fact, still exist—sort of. There are locations in the Mirage in Las Vegas and in Madison Square Garden, and pastrami, cheesecake, and other dishes can be shipped nationwide. But the iconic original location closed in 2016 after 79 years. Second, we should note that this isn't a permanent return, nor is it at the site of the original location—this brief pop-up (December 1-8) will take place in a replica restaurant in SoHo (per Forbes), complete with vintage cars parked out front and "other surprises." Third, I feel the need to clarify that I don't constantly imagine TV shows talking to themselves. I only do that occasionally.

And last, it's important to note that I've buried the lede a bit: the Carnegie pop-up will operate at 1958 prices. That means you can get a sandwich, such as the appropriately named "The Maisel," for 99 cents.

Here's the Maisel, in all its glory:

The deli describes it as "a sandwich worth the schlep,": Carnegie pastrami, salami, coleslaw, and special sauce on rye.

According to, the 1958-ness extends beyond the menu prices, including "the decor, the jukebox, [and] the photobooth."

The demand for reservations, however, seems pure 2018. All tables have since been booked, but the pop-up's site urges guests without reservations to "stop by, take photos in our photo booth, and experience the deli," also noting that there are limited first-come, first-served seats ("Tables open every hour for walk-in guests, so bundle up and get in line"), and a speedy takeout counter. There's also a waiting list that will be tapped should additional availability open up.

Now gimme some of that free water and let me toast Mrs. Maisel and the glory of American sandwiches.