You Can Now Brew Cannabis Coffee In Your Keurig

Brand management company Cannabiniers has introduced Brewbudz, a line of cannabis-infused coffee, tea, and cocoa that can be brewed in a Keurig machine. While many have long detested those machines for their negative environmental impact, Brewbudz claims its pods are made of chaff—the skin of roasted coffee beans—and other compostable materials. And since the THC is naturally extracted from flower, it's a chemical-free product.

The prospect of being able to discreetly sip cannabis-infused coffee in public is exciting; it has no "off" odor or flavor to give its secret away. It's also worth noting that each K-Cup comes in both sativa and indica varieties with a precise dosage of THC. The low 10mg dosage is helpful to new users to start integrating cannabis into their daily lives without worrying about feeling "stoned," while regular users can choose from three different strengths—10, 25, or 50mg—to help them reach their personal sweet spot.

The variety of products will likely also be useful to habitual consumers at different points throughout the day. I can certainly see myself sipping a 10mg mug of sativa coffee during office hours to help keep me focused, then unwinding at night with a 25mg cup of indica herbal tea to help me—a lifelong insomniac—fall and stay asleep. And maybe on those cold winter days where I'm trapped inside with two children who are at each other's throats like rabid wolverines, I'll keep myself warm and sane with a 50mg cup of hot cocoa.

Brewbudz pods are currently only available at dispensaries in Nevada, though Cannabiniers plans to launch in Colorado and California as well, with more states to follow. If any of our readers get their hands on these things, let us know. Since cannabis products are not permitted to cross state lines, we'll need to live vicariously through your experiences.