As Foretold In Book Of Exodus, Candy Will Rain Upon A Minor-League Baseball Game

One of the best aspects of going to a minor-league baseball game, beyond the inexpensive tickets and comparatively cheap stadium food, is the gimmickry so often used to pack houses. From discounted beers (so many discounted beers) to regular post-game fireworks displays, and with an infinite well of hyper-specific themes to draw upon, minor-league games always keep the atmosphere light, family-friendly, and intermittently focused on the baseball itself.

But now that teams have spent years, sometimes even decades, working their way through every trick in the book, teams have to get creative to bring in fans. Enter the Altoona Curve of Altoona, Pennsylvania, a double-A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates, who'll look to bring the "fun Biblical plague" energy to their postgame this Sunday:

Our thanks to the Curve, for delivering unto us the chocolate rain that Tay Zonday once promised. Also, for as entertaining as this real-life Willy Wonka scenario will be for the kids in attendance, it left us curious about which candies are light enough to drop, even from what we assume will be a low hover, from a helicopter without feeling weird as they hit you in the head and/or face.

Also, while it's admirable that the Curve has put such a treat together for its fans, it could've saved a lot of money on the helicopter rental by just hiring Shaq from Kazaam: