How 'Bout A Little Candy Corn With That Bratwurst, Baby?

The candy corn beer brats at Wisconsin's Jenifer Street Market are juicy, sweet, and undeniably cursed.

What's more divisive than candy corn? Why, cramming candy corn into a juicy bratwurst, of course. The brave souls at Jenifer Street Market, a specialty butcher in Madison, Wisconsin, did exactly that, creating a seasonal sausage so loathsome that it'll almost certainly open some sort of portal to Hell. Happy Halloween!

NBC Chicago reports that Jenifer Street Market butchers Justin Strassman and Wil Hetzel created the "Spook"Toberfest brats after tasting a local brewery's Oktoberfest beer. A few beers in, the butchers reportedly concluded that the brew would pair beautifully with a brat and some candy corn. A perfectly normal, natural conclusion to draw. Not unusual or cursed in the slightest.

According to a Facebook post, Strassman and Hetzel create the brats by adding approximately three cans of Wisconsin's Lake Louie Brewing Oktoberfest beer, two bags of candy corn, and unidentified quantities of mystery seasoning to 25 pounds of brat meat. Hetzel told NBC Chicago that the resulting bratwurst "has a bit of a sweet taste to it, but it's not overpowering." He adds: "It has a caramelly flavor as you bite into it. The candy corn just adds a little bit of sweetness."

This is the first year the butchers have made the festive sausage, and it's understandably creating a bit of buzz. " Just. No," tweeted one concerned citizen, with others remarking that the Halloween treat is "definitely a trick."

If you're curious enough to try the sweet meat, you'll have to make your way to Madison, as Jenifer Street isn't currently shipping the brats. Just make sure to arrive early: Hetzel told NBC Chicago that Jenifer Street sold 125 of the brats in the two days immediately following the product's release. "As long as people keep buying them, we'll keep making them, which will probably be through Halloween," Hetzel says. Proceed with caution, my friends.

(And of course, let us know if you taste one. You'll be an inspiration to us all.)