Canadian "Hamburglar" Hijacking McDonald's Apps To Order Thousands Of Dollars Of Food

We have a silly visual joke on this here food website in which we sometimes illustrate food-crime stories with an image of the Hamburglar. The graphic has never been more appropriate than it is today, when we bring you news of a string of Canadians who say their McDonald's app accounts have been hacked by an unknown person who then ordered food via their credit or debit cards, sometimes to the tune of thousands of dollars.

The CBC interviewed Patrick O'Rourke, editor for a Canadian tech website, who says he found more than $2,000 of McDonald's food had been charged to his debit card for meals he never ate. Between April 12 and 18, the hamburglar ordered more than 100 meals for pick-up. It's unclear whether the criminal is acting alone or in concert with a gang of hamburglars. Customers have been reporting fraudulent app-based purchases since February. (Canadians are nice, ehh?)

McDonald's told the CBC it's "confident" in its app's security and feels these are isolated incidents. Its Twitter account has been responding to customers' claims of fraudulent purchases by asking them to call a number to further discuss the details of the transaction. But some of the customers who had their accounts compromised told CBC they're disappointed McDonald's hasn't issued them refunds directly, instead directing them to sort it out with their banks.

If you're a McDonald's Canada app user, it couldn't hurt to change your password now, something we all know we should do periodically anyway. Or, safer yet, order and pay cash in-person.