Man Uses Hot Coffee To Free Kittens Trapped In Ice

Don't talk to me until I've had my morning cup of kittens covered in coffee. That's what I'll be saying every day from now on, after watching this triumphant video of an Alberta man rescuing three teeny cat brothers from the harsh clinch of Canadian ice. Whether you're a caffeine person or not, you've got to give coffee a round of applause this morning, in the name of kittens.

When Kendall Diwisch encountered a trio of baby cats stuck in ice in the middle of the road, the oil worker thought quickly. He scurried back to his truck, grabbed his hot cup of coffee, then gently poured the coffee around the cats, melting the ice and freeing up their little tails and paws. "Someone dumped you guys, eh?" Diwisch asks the cats. One of them gives a somber but strong meow in return. One of the cats, having had a long night in the Great White North, takes a few sips of the coffee, which looks like it's got some cream in it—just like this kitten likes it. There's no word on what brand of coffee was poured, but it's a black cup with a black lid. Canadian coffee connoisseurs, please let us know.

The hot coffee successfully freed the felines, and according to Diwisch's social media post, they've all been re-homed together. You can watch the whole video here. It's delightful, particularly the part where he runs back to his truck and you learn that when he encountered the kittens, he was blaring a heavy metal guitar solo. Indeed, Diwisch has made the best case I've ever heard to always have hot coffee on hand: kitten liberation.