Last Call: Can We Get A Decent Photo Of Real Chicago Pizza, Please? [Update]

Update, July 8: Excellent news, everyone: We have our own file art of square-sliced Chicago pizza now! The photos are by me, the pizza is from J.B. Alberto's in Rogers Park, which may not objectively be the best in the city, but its definitely the best within walking distance of my own personal Takeout satellite office.


And yes, I ate it.

Original post, July 6: There are plenty of problems in the world right now, and we realize that the failure of the coastal food media to recognize that most Chicagoans, when they eat pizza, prefer the thin-crust square-cut version is a very small one. But look, would it kill you, curators at Getty Images, to include more than one very unappetizing-looking photo in your database that we can use to illustrate posts of the most commonly eaten pizza in the third-largest city in America? That is why we had to illustrate the post about Chicago pizza that we ran earlier today with a neon sign of a chef flipping pizza crusts with the label "Chicago Style."

I mean, you have photos of Detroit-style pizza. Which, I agree, is far more distinctive-looking and maybe more famous nationally than the Chicago tavern cut thanks to Jet's Pizza. You might think, well, they could just substitute a photo of St. Louis-style pizza instead because it's also cut in squares, but St. Louis pizza is built on a cracker and Chicago pizza is built on a crust, and while you might think it's all interchangeable (just like the way you think of all Midwestern cities), we know the difference.

Although—there may be a silver lining to this problem. I may be forced to purchase a square-cut pizza at The Takeout's expense in order to create a series of our very own stock images that we can use forever. And then you'll, uh, be sorry. Yeah, that's right. You'll be sorry.