Can Someone Please Get This Singing Chicken-Rights Protestor Some Chicken Pants?

Earlier this week, animal advocacy organization Compassion Over Killing sent a very nice protestor to the restaurant portion of McDonald's Chicago headquarters to protest the presumably bemused workers via song. The performance itself is of doubtful efficacy but surprising vocal prowess, and she's just so nice about it that it's hard not to be just a little bit charmed by the earnestness and silliness of it all. But our primary concern is this: Why did no one give this nice lady the pants half of this chicken costume?

If it seems like the message is being lost in the medium, you're correct—it is somewhat difficult to focus on the suffering of chickens in the fast food giant's supply chain when you're heartily wishing that she had at least found some yellow or orange leggings at Marshall's or something. While I should be dwelling on the rapid, forced poultry growth of which this chicken sings, I'm wishing some colorful sneakers were involved; while reflecting that even jeans would have been better, because there'd be one block of color as opposed to shorts/calves/sandals, I should instead be considering the request made of McDonald's by Compassion Over Killing and other organizations that the company switch to a breed of chickens that doesn't grow as quickly.

Their hope is that McDonald's will provide chickens "more space, better housing conditions, and more opportunity for natural behavior" (Plant Based News). My hope is that some novelty socks could be involved next time, because this is an extremely haphazard chicken costume.

Still, here I am writing about it, so well played, chicken lady. You have a nice voice and I always appreciate a good cover of Showboat's "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man." I appreciated the friendly little thank-you you let fly to those employees, who after all have, ah, not much control over McDonald's supply chain policies. But next time, demand pants. If you're going to look silly, you might as well go for the head-to-toe ensemble.