McDonald's Brazil Is Serving A Vat Of Piping Hot Dippin' Cheese

If you can eat it, you can dip it in molten cheese. This is one of the cardinal rules of my hedonistic lifestyle, along with "cereal = meal" and "measuring cup = bowl." With that first rule in mind, I'll be plotting a post-vaccine trip to Brazil, where McDonald's is reportedly serving up a bowl of melted cheddar cheese for fry dippin', burger dippin', and private, shameful finger dippin'. Que gostoso!

On December 8, the official McDonald's Brazil Instagram account promoted the product with a video featuring patrons climbing a high-dive and plunging burger-first into "uma piscininha de Cheddar" (a pool of cheddar). The video showcases a few different ways to dip, including an enthusiastic burger-plunking and an equally cheery Coating Of The Fries. Of course, one's dipping strategy is a highly personal choice; fortunately, the cheese bowl appears wide enough to accommodate a burger and shallow enough to ensure you don't lose your fry or nugget in a never-ending pool of dairy.

According to Best Products, the cheddar cauldron contains approximately 3.5 ounces of melted cheddar cheese. If my completely uninformed mathematical calculations are correct, that's a pretty solid amount of cheese. Unfortunately, you can't order the cheddar tureen at McDonald's locations in the U.S. (yet). This does, however, mark a new level of representation for passionate cheese dippers. If people are out there dipping burgers, there's no telling what's next. We live in an era of innovation, people.