You Should Make This 'Smash Cake' For Your Dog

The pups at one animal shelter got to enjoy some Valentine's Day treats and yours should, too!

Everyone deserves something sweet this Valentine's Day. (Unless it's a stale box of funky truffles, in which case, don't bother.) That's why one Ohio animal shelter threw its residents a Valentine's Day cake party, thanks to donations from community supporters.

Local news source WTRF reports that the Jefferson County Animal Shelter held a "Love and Kisses" fundraising event over the weekend. Every $10 donation sent to the shelter was added to a "treat-o-meter." The shelter surpassed its fundraising goal, so they gave the animals a smash cake party to celebrate. (As a reminder, a "smash cake" generally refers to a cake made for human infants to smash with their tiny little fists. But I suppose all cakes are smash cakes when you're a dog without opposable thumbs.)

Unlike traditional smash cakes, these cakes were designed to be dog-friendly. Per WTRF, the cakes were essentially piles of peanut butter, wet dog food, dog treats, whipped cream, and sprinkles. Meanwhile, the cats in residence received tasty sardine treats.

Make your own dog-friendly Valentine’s cake

We're suckers for a seasonal pet treat here at The Takeout. I've even started my own Thanksgiving tradition named for my first dog. If you want to treat your dog to a Valentine's Day smash cake, using a peanut butter and dog food base like the Jefferson County Animal Shelter is a good place to start. I will note that I might skip the sprinkles, especially if your dog has a sensitive tum. Dogs should avoid any foods made with almond extract or almond flour, as well as chocolate in any form, and it's tough to know the exact ingredient makeup of confectionary products like sprinkles.


Don't forget what ever you're eating for Valentine's Day might not be the best for your furry friend. When it comes to this particular treat, depending on your dog's digestive proclivities, you might also skip the whipped cream—but most dogs can digest dairy just fine. (My beagle loses his dang mind for a puppuccino.)

Cake or no cake, make sure to give your furry friend an extra kiss to celebrate the day of love.