Cadbury Is Hopping Aboard The Vegan Chocolate Train

A plant-based version of Cadbury’s classic bar goes on sale in the UK next month.

Last month, we reported that Hershey's had released limited-edition oat milk chocolate bars in the US. Unfortunately, per Thrillist, the new Hershey's bars were part of a "very limited test release," making it tough for plant-based consumers to try the new confections. But Cadbury is here to save the day: The Guardian reports that a plant-based version of Cadbury's classic bar will go on sale in the UK next month.


The new bar is dubbed the Cadbury Plant Bar and uses almond paste instead of dairy milk. Cadbury says that the new recipe, which has taken two years to develop, "provides a similar taste and texture to milk ingredients while offering a hint of nuttiness." Sounds delightful, eh? I always prefer my chocolate with a side of nuttiness.

Cadbury is releasing two Plant Bar flavors: smooth chocolate, which mimics the classic bar, and smooth chocolate with salted caramel pieces, which is a bit fancier. UK residents can find both bars at Sainsbury's and other retailers starting in November, and they'll cost around £2.50, or approximately $3.39. Cadbury adds that the bars will also feature 100% plant-based packaging "from renewable sources," which is just vague enough to lead me down a rabbit hole asking: what, pray, qualifies as a "renewable source?" Am I renewable? Are you?


The bars are the latest in the global push toward plant-based ingredients across the food industry. Louise Stigant, the UK managing director of Cadbury's owner, Mondelēz International, agrees. "The increasing public appetite for varied snacking options and plant-based alternatives has never been more apparent," Stigant said in a statement. It's true: it seems like every day brings a new story about plant-based meat or vegan coffee creamer alternatives. And while there's no word on when Cadbury will bring the vegan bars to U.S. consumers, we're hopeful that more and more candy companies will ride the plant-based wave.