Cadbury Goes Willy Wonka, Hides Money In White Chocolate Creme Eggs

You can now find pounds—in more ways than one—inside Cadbury Creme Eggs. Well, in England at least. Candymaker Cadbury announced a promotion around limited-edition white chocolate eggs that will stash prize vouchers inside select eggs, with amounts ranging from £100 to £2000 ($135 to $2700ish, respectively).

The Independent reports that there are rumored to be about 371 of these special white chocolate eggs at English grocery stores including Co-op, Sainsbury's Local, and Tesco Express. They'll be packaged just like regular milk chocolate Creme Eggs, though, so there's no way to tell which are the special white chocolate versions. If a shopper finds one, he or she must save the foil wrapper which contains instructions on redeeming the prize.

If we've learned anything from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory—and we've learned much—it's that, should you find a prize candy, remember to hug your grandparents, stay away from TV sets, and don't harass the Oompa Loompas.