Your Dog Could Be The Next Cadbury Bunny

Remember this commercial? It's been airing for a quarter of a freaking century:

Perhaps sensing that people might realize that all or nearly all of the animals in that commercial are definitely dead by now, the people at Cadbury have decided to revamp the classic "Easter Bunny Tryouts" commercial from 1994. And to do so, they want to take merciless advantage of all the very good dogs and cats and hedgehogs out there by selecting one among them to star in the only reboot The Takeout cares about. (Not true, we're also here for The Twilight Zone, but that's neither here nor there. Moving on.)

First, the details. To enter, you have to submit a photo of your pet wearing bunny ears before 12 p.m. Eastern on March 6; you upload the photo to the site with an approximately 400-character description of why your very good boy/girl/lizard should be on TV. That's it. The company will then pick 20 semifinalists, who will each submit a video. The winner will be selected from those 20, and will earn the gig, as well as $5,000.

Oh, and viral dog star Doug The Pug is an honorary guest judge.

So, get to it, that's it, those are the details. We're done. We can now proceed to the CUTE ANIMAL PHOTOS. This one is an ad but we don't care:

So is this one. Again, don't care:

A contestant:


Serving face.

Serving knitwear.

Serving mortification.

Tongue, pt. 2.

There are so many and I love them all, 13/10 would not give chocolate but would give pets. You can see them here.