Last Call: How Does Your Pet Look With Bunny Ears?

Dear friends, it is time once again for Cadbury's annual Bunny Tryouts. Last year, the pets of the Takeout all donned bunny ears and set out to impress, but with little success. This year, however, our pet roster has grown by four—welcome Archie, Clifftofur, Nugget, and Turtle!—which gives us four more chances to win.

The premise of the contest is simple: dress your pet up in bunny ears or use the digital stickers provided by Cadbury, post your photo by March 1, and then do your best to rig the election spread the word about your pet's entry so it gets the most votes between March 10 and March 17. The winner will get $5,000 and an appearance in next year's Cadbury commercial. Cadbury will also donate $15,000 to the ASPCA.

This year's contest will be guest-judged by last year's winner, Lieutenant Dan, a coonhound from New Richmond, Ohio. "If our previous winner could talk," Cadbury says in a press release, "he'd say...'Woof woof.... I am so excited that my commercial is making it onto the big screen! Being the 2020 Cadbury Clucking Bunny has been the ultimate honor for me, and I cannot wait to pass the ears on to the 2021 winner. Best of luck to all!'"

Here are the Takeout pets' entries. Please feel free to share your own pets in the comments. (Who doesn't love an adorable pet photo?)