You Can Buy A Whole Pint Of Cinnabon Frosting, Just In Case You're Catering A Bacchanalian Orgy

The pints are available for a limited time through the Cinnabon app or in-store.

I was in my early 20s when I first heard someone moan about getting "Cinnabon drunk." Being Cinnabon drunk is a lot like being regular drunk, except it happens at the mall and involves layers of gooey pastry and liters of cream cheese frosting. Like regular drunkenness, Cinnabon drunkenness typically leads to a serious hangover. But don't let that stop you from indulging in Cinnabon's latest holiday offering: a freestanding pint of Cinnabon frosting, all for you.


Per a press release sent to The Takeout, Cinnabon just released its Signature Frosting Pints into the wild. The frosting pints are now available for a limited time at select Cinnabon locations nationwide, as well as on the new Cinnabon app for pickup or delivery.

"There's no better way to truly bring to life our 'Life Needs Frosting' motto than with a delicious pint of our Signature Frosting," said Michael Alberici, Cinnabon's Vice President of Marketing. I'm ashamed to admit that this is the first time I've acknowledged Cinnabon's motto. "Life Needs Frosting." Well, they're not wrong—but does life need an entire pint of frosting?

Cinnabon says yes, encouraging fans to use the frosting pints to enhance holiday recipes. The brand also suggests gifting a pint to friends and family (try cramming it into a stocking), using a pint to "to top off your Cinnabon cinnamon rolls," or simply enjoying a pint as a treat on its own. The latter seems like a one-way ticket to an evening of pure pleasure. Who among us hasn't hunched over the pantry with a spoon in one hand and a half-eaten pint of frosting in the other?


If you'd rather not get entirely Cinnabon drunk, you can visit or Cinnabon's TikTok and Instagram for recipe inspiration, including a festive frosting-rimmed cookie martini. That way, you can get Cinnabon drunk and regular drunk at the same time. Let the frosting orgy begin.