Let's Talk Turkey With The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line

Experts are standing by to answer all your questions via phone and TikTok.

No matter how prepared you try to be, there's always something that comes up once you actually start putting together a Thanksgiving dinner. How long are you supposed to cook a turkey really? What's the easiest way to brine your bird? And how do you get that picture-perfect slice when carving the finished product in front of your family? Fear not! The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line is here to answer all your Thanksgiving meal questions.

The Talk-Line is now open, either through good ole fashioned phone call at 1-800-BUTTERBALL, a text to 844-877-3456, or via Alexa-enabled devices if you say "Alexa, ask Butterball..." (the robot uprising continues). The line is also open through TikTok for the first time ever. Finally, you can browse the online portal for tips, tricks, and various calculators to figure out how long to thaw your frozen turkey (heads up, this will take at least six hours), how long to cook your turkey (this will be at least two hours), and how much turkey to buy in the first place, assuming that you and your family are turkey fiends who can take down 2 pounds of the bird each as Butterball suggests.

There are also plenty of recipes available on the Butterball Talk-Line website for everything from the turkey seasoning or brine to classic sides and desserts like mac and cheese, cranberry orange sauce, and mini apple crumble pies. It also offers up recipes for your leftovers including dishes like a turkey banh mi and a stuffing waffle sandwich.

Butterball first started the Talk-Line in 1981 when six home economists answered around 11,000 calls from intrepid home cooks putting together their Thanksgiving feasts. Now there are more than 50 experts ready and waiting to answer hundreds of thousands of questions every November and December—just don't ask them about Turkey Bowling.