First Comes "I Do," Then Comes "Beer Me"

Busch Beer has partnered with David's Bridal to create the wedding dress of beer lovers' dreams.

Who says that branding can't be romantic? We already know that our favorite fast food chains make excellent wedding venues—we're looking at you Subway and Dunkin'. At the Taco Bell Cantina on Las Vegas Boulevard you can take it one step further with a bouquet made up of the chain's infamous hot sauce packets. And Sam Adams was trying to really get in on the show by awarding money to couples who mentioned the beer brand in their vows. Well, a new player has entered the food and drink wedding game, and they're coming for the dress.

In perhaps one of the most unexpected crossover events ever, Busch Beer has teamed up with David's Bridal to create the Camo Wedding Dress (and matching bowtie). "Designed from our own camo can print, the only thing people will be able to see is your love!​" @BuschBeer tweeted out when announcing the collaboration with an image of a woman wearing a camo ball gown atop a case of tasty brews.

The whole thing reeks of some kind of branded Halloween prank to drum up publicity for the limited release of Busch's new camouflage cans. At least certainly seemed that way a couple days ago when Busch tweeted out a mood board of seemingly fake products including an adult diaper, a monster truck, and the dress. While that still may be the case, the brand is going all in—at least, on the wedding apparel—and somehow got David's Bridal to go along for the ride.

The dress in question is, in fact, real and going for $749 on the bridal shop's website. That's extremely affordable as far as wedding dresses go, but maybe a little steep for a beer company that charges $12 for a 30-rack at my local grocery store. It comes in two colors, green and gray (or Busch and Busch Light), and is available in inclusive sizing (0-30), but according to David's Bridal you must be 21 or older to order. Let's hope that dress comes with some cans of Busch, ready to shotgun before walking down the aisle, as is tradition.