Burrito Time App Does One Thing: Gives Away Free Burritos At Burrito'clock

Dos Toros Taqueria has now set up shop in three markets: New York, Chicago, and my heart. The real estate purchase in the latter occurred only this morning, when Forbes alerted The Takeout staff to the existence of Burrito Time, the simplest, purest marketing app in wide world of mostly useless things one downloads onto one's phone. The app gives you free burritos.

Once a day, it sends you a push notification. That push notification proclaims it to be burrito time. You tap on that notification. If you are one of the first 10 people to do so, you win a free burrito card. It then saves those cards for you. You then use them to get free burritos. That's the whole thing.

That's not quite fair—there's also a location-finder and an F.A.Q.—but that's really it. No order-ahead capability. No merch section. No games. No loyalty program. No catering. No punch card. No account of any kind. Just free burritos.

I have yet to make my way to Dos Toros—one of the upsides/downsides of mostly working from home is that my lunches are rarely procured outside my apartment—but I sure as shit will do so now. Forbes compares the "up-and-coming taqueria" to Shake Shack, saying that there's "something more quirky to the personality of Dos Toros that sets it apart from large, national Mexican-American scoop-and-go eateries."

Here, again per Forbes, is how the founders, brothers Oliver and Leo Kremer, dreamed up this thing:

"We saw a lot of do-it-all super complicated apps and we wanted to create something beautifully simple to cut through the clutter... We're a challenger brand so we can be more nimble and take more chances. This felt like a fun way to flip the script, rather than play by the same rules as the big chains. We believe Burrito Time is the only push notification that guests will actually enjoy."

You can get Burrito Time free for Apple iOS now. I already have, and it lives on my phone next to the other app I use for only one thing, once a day.