Burger King Will Kind Of Pay Off Some Student Loans, Ish

Burger King is holding a competition which, in the end, will see the company pay up to $250,000 in student debt for customers (and non-customers—no purchase is required, though you'll have to mail your entry in). Between now and June 6, users of the BK app will have a chance to win a weekly prize of up to $500, equivalent to a verified student loan payment, or a big grand prize. Weekly prizes are awarded to 300 peoples. One will win the grand prize, which is up to $100,000, again equivalent to an existing loan.

This is a partnership of some kind with Earnest, a company that offers refinancing of student loans (and is giving a $200 bonus to contest entrants at the moment).

People getting help with students loans, in whatever form that help may take, is not something we're about to sniff at. Americans owe over $1 trillion in student loan debt, this is all super messed up, etc. But it must be said that BK's efforts look a little shabby in a week when Morehouse commencement speaker—and billionaire, we should mention—Robert F. Smith announced that he would pay off the student loans of the class of 2019.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Hell, BK's efforts look mighty small compared those of Natty freakin' Light, which in January announced it would pay off $10 million in student loan debt over 10 years.

But let's end with this. Burger King's rascally brand Twitter account (sigh) yesterday teased the promotion with this rascally tweet:

Tens of thousands of people responded. Those that heard back from BK got something like this (click to expand):

So, I guess make that $250,005.