Burger King's Stranger Things-Themed Upside Down Whopper Is Just An Upside-Down Whopper

Stranger Things will return to Netflix on July 4th. You're probably aware of this. The trailers are everywhere. It's by far one of the most popular shows on television these last several years. It's among a small handful of current series that are treated like a major Event whenever they return, in the way that Game of Thrones was an Event until it spectacularly fumbled at the one-yard line.

The push behind Stranger Things' third season has been prominent from the jump, but with just a few weeks now remaining until the next eight episodes are released, the true work now begins. Baskin-Robbins has already rallied around the forthcoming season, and starting on June 21, Burger King will bring the Upside Down Whopper to select U.S. locations. Behold:

While The Takeout is virtually never in the business of knocking anything before we try it, there's a level of difficulty inherent in pretending that the Upside Down Whopper is anything other than a Whopper, served upside down, in a special box. It's not like the alignment of the sandwich has changed in any way otherwise; you'd think in an upside-down sandwich that the meat would rest on the top bun, and so on. Also, the idea of Eggo buns was sitting right there.

That said, it's a charming enough tie-in for the series, and the return of the period-appropriate vintage BK logo is a slick touch. Appropriately enough, the Upside Down Whopper will be made available at 11 restaurants in ten cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Miami, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Dallas. If you're anywhere else, just flip your Whopper upside down and pretend.

Also, this sandwich has a teaser trailer. All food should be so fortunate.