Burger King Promises New Chicken Sandwich Will Be Worth The Wait

ATTENTION: This is your Fast Food Fried Chicken Sandwich Alert System. Remain calm. Please read news of an upcoming fried chicken sandwich carefully and proceed to the nearest comments section.

The year 2020 was a bit of a lull in which America's major fast food chains were hurriedly developing a product to rival 2019's Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, but 2021 is the year in which the fruits of that labor are being unleashed almost faster than we can sample them. Today, Burger King announced via press release that it will be releasing a chicken sandwich of its own later this year.

The press release (with the provocative title "We Won't Half A** a New Chicken Sandwich") is positively overflowing with confidence, describing the new product as "hand-breaded" and declaring that "the King won't accept another chicken sandwich if it isn't just as good as one you could get from the big chicken guys." I wasn't aware that the King was head of Burger King quality control, on top of all his other royal duties. You learn something new every day!

Here's a description of the upcoming sandwich:

Our sandwich has a thick cut white meat chicken breast that is freshly breaded by hand for a bite that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Served on a toasty potato bun with crisp deli pickles and a savory signature sauce. Oh and you can add a little something, something like iceberg lettuce and tomato too.

As is the case with McDonald's crispy upcoming release (as well as KFC's respectable entry), Burger King's sandwich will come in regular and spicy varieties. No firm release date has been given, though the product has been making an appearance in test markets since September 2020. Perhaps sensitive to the fact that it's entering the chicken sandwich wars later than its competitors this year, Burger King emphasizes that this product is the process of lots of tinkering and will thus be worth the wait. Can we all agree the tomato probably isn't necessary, though?