Burger King Announces New Grilled Chicken Sandwich With Misguided Attack On KFC

Lately Burger King seems determined to take on its fellow fast-food giants, rather than just focusing on the merits of its own food. Apparently tiring of McDonald's-lasered efforts like Big Mac competitor Big King XL and a one-cent Whopper deal for customers in the vicinity of Golden Arches, now BK may have KFC quaking in its poultry boots.

BK's recently introduced ad for a new grilled chicken sandwich specifically goes after KFC mascot Colonel Sanders, as the chain's creepy King mascot dons a familiar white suit. "When we're talking about flame grilling chicken there's only one way to go: K.F.G.," says the southern-twanged announcer, which stands for "King Of Flame Grilling." And as the ad says, a king outranks a colonel.

But here's the thing: KFC is not selling a grilled-chicken sandwich on its current menu, so going after KFC is a bit like slamming Outback Steakhouse for its cheeseburgers. Frankly it feels a bit like a cheap shot, though fast food companies going for the low blow seems like the rage these days.

As USA Today reports, the sandwich is "a flame-grilled and seasoned 100 percent white-meat chicken filet with lettuce, tomato and sweet honey mustard on a toasted potato bun." While we don't want to cast aspersions on something we haven't tried, we can confidently declare we've never consumed a grilled-chicken sandwich that buckled our knees. If we're eating a fast-food chicken sandwich, then it better well be battered and fried.