Burger King Is About To Cut Down Its Menu In A Big Way

The chain says its simplifying its menu to speed things up in the drive-thru.

If you're a die-hard Burger King fan, just go ahead and head to your nearest chain and order everything on the menu now. USA Today reports that menu cuts are coming soon, but the chain has yet to specify exactly which items might be getting the boot—so better safe than sorry for one last potential taste.

The reason behind these cuts? Slow drive-thru lines. The CEO of Restaurant Brands International, which owns the chain, says the speed of all BK drive-thrus has declined significantly. "We're simplifying processes that have become a bit too complicated in terms of sandwich builds, and doing a better job in terms of the menu design to make it easier for the customer, at the drive-thru in particular, to make quicker decisions."

Burger King will be implementing other tactics to speed things up, like more digital menu boards and "technology for preparing sandwiches." But the strategy that will impact BK fans the most will be those looming menu cuts.

This won't be the first fast food item loss we've experienced since the onset of the pandemic, which triggered the elimination of McDonald's all-day breakfast and Taco Bell's drastic menu reduction, resulting in the loss of some of the chain's most beloved items (just sending out another plea that the rumors about the Mexican Pizza returning are true). But in those cases we were at least given fair warning about what to expect. We were given time to grieve. As of now, we have no clue what might soon be out of our reach from Burger King, though my money's on the chicken fries biting the dust first.

What are your bets for items on the chopping block? And what would you be most sad to see go? Let us know in the comments, and maybe start making your formal pleas to Burger King now.