Burger King's Tagged Instagram Photos Full Of Dicks

Content warning: This Takeout post contains crudely drawn cartoon dicks, as well as some strangely realistic ones, that may not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

The tagged photos section of an Instagram page is one tab I generally don't look at unless I'm trying to assess whether someone—who doesn't ever post selfies, of course—is cute or not. I would never look at a fast-food brand's tagged posts, because why on earth would I need to see people's poorly lit, over-filtered photos of Whoppers? But I should perhaps pay more attention, because every now and then, weird things occasionally go down in the tagged photos tabs.

Exhibit A: Yesterday, Burger King's tagged photos featured a proliferation of dicks and dongs and wangs. Why? Munchies has the scoop, which involves one disgruntled visual artist who says BK Switzerland ripped off his signature type of design that involves tap-and-hold images. To exact revenge, he began posting drawings of dicks and tagging Burger King in them. Others caught on, and now BK's tagged images are full of weird penis illustrations. Some of them have real artistic merit. That still doesn't mean I want to open random brands' Instagram photos and see dicks—social media has more than enough of those lurking around already.