Burger King's Impossible Whopper Arrives Nationwide Next Week

The Impossible Whopper might need a new name. After a successful trial run in six U.S. cities this spring and summer, the very possible burger will now hit the big time, rolling out to Burger Kings nationally. The Associated Press reports the plant-based Whopper will be available in 7,000 stores for a limited time; that's almost all of its 7,176 total locations.

In our eyes, this is one of the most highly anticipated fast food items in years. Impossible Foods has a fairly sterling reputation among taste-testers, and, for a chain as large as Burger King to unveil a new genre of protein at all its restaurant is a big deal. As far as plant-based fast foods, this is likely the beginning, not a passing fad. It's why we reviewed White Castle's Impossible Sliders all those months ago.

While Impossible Foods recently struggled to meat keep up with demand, the company says it's since solved its supply-chain issues by teaming up with a meat-processing company. That will not only allow it to stock the nation's Burger Kings with Impossible Whoppers, but to launch its product in grocery stores this September. CNBC reports that with Food And Drug Administration clearance in hand, Impossible Foods burgers will begin hitting retail next month.

All this means that what just a couple years ago would have seemed fanciful—a meatless burger in drive-thrus and grocery stores coast-to-coast—will soon feel commonplace. Impossible burger, meet Ubiquitous burger.