Green Bay Gets Its Own Special Whopper With—surprise!—lots Of Extra Cheese

On Thursday, the Green Bay Packers lost to the Seattle Seahawks, 27-24, after head coach Mike McCarthy took the ball away from noted handsome guy Aaron Rodgers and punted it instead. As a result, the Packers now sit with a record of four wins, five losses, and one tie. As a Midwesterner, I am made a frequent witness to the passions of the fans of this particular sporting franchise; they meet triumph and tragedy with equal fervor. This loss may have hit them particularly hard, because last-minute victories are handsome guy Aaron Rodgers' whole thing. And yet the cup of glory was not sipped, and cries of victory turned to ashes in their mouth. Who will step up for the people Titletown, USA in their hour of need? Who will comfort Green Bay?

The answer, my friends, is Burger King. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that six Green Bay Burger King locations will, beginning November 25, carry the Green Bay Whopper. The Green Bay Whopper, as it happens, is exactly like the Everywhere Else Whopper, save one big difference: It includes eight slices of cheese.

The burger will only be available until December 2, presumably because the company is worried that no one will buy anything else off the menu while the GBW is an option. It can be purchased at six locations.

We strongly suggest that sad handsome guy Aaron Rodgers seek out one of these beauties, because based on the image above, it sure looks like he could use some emotional-eating time.