Burger King Explains Its Gibberish Stunt, Tweets At Pornhub

On Wednesday, a tweet went viral that was, perhaps, the purest form of Twitter imaginable. It was 240 characters of pure, uncut discourse, straight from the people behind Burger King's social media accounts. And now PornHub is involved.

Here's how it began. Ahem:

The account spent the rest of the day responding to the perplexed people of the world with more jibberish, and occasionally, with the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything:

It was a whole to-do. Around these Takeout parts, we thought perhaps it had to do with BK's Dogpper (like, maybe a dog was thwomping its wittle paws on the keyboard?), but the actual reason behind it was... well, pretty funny, honestly.

Cini Minis (i.e. tiny cinnamon rolls, currently available only when you order BK through GrubHub) are back, and typing with icing on your hands is hard. I'll admit it, I snorted. Not bad, BK, not bad.

But it's nothing compared to this exchange:

If you have an affinity for dirty jokes, as I do, what a treasure trove. First of all, what could Pornhub think a Cini Mini is? Second, what does Burger King think Pornhub thinks a Cini Mini is? Third, what filthy thing would one do with a Cini Mini? And last and best of all, this comes on the heels of BK making a joke about how hard it is to type with sticky fingers... a struggle with which some Pornhub users may be familiar. After all, Frappucinos can be pretty sticky, and so can some other things.

Happy Friday!