Burger King's Ghost Whopper Becomes Only Burger Approved By Dead People

It's that spooky time of year when the line between the quick and the dead becomes ever so blurred, which means it's the best time of the year to receive messages from the Great Beyond. And so Burger King has employed an actual psychic to find out what actual ghosts think of its Ghost Whopper, available this week at 10 Burger King locations across the country.

Why does Burger King want to know what ghosts think of the Ghost Whopper—which is like a regular Whopper, except its bun is a ghostly white, thanks to the addition of white cheddar—when living people are the ones who will be buying it? Are taste buds like our personalities, lingering after a soul has passed into the Great Beyond? Should we trust people who have been lying underground for who knows how long and have possibly never had a burger in their entire lives—or afterlives?

These questions are probably left unexamined. The part that Burger King wants you to know is that it summoned medium Riz Mirza to the haunted wing of the Alexandria Hotel in L.A., which had previously been shut in the 1930s due to paranormal activity that was spooking the guests. In a series of seances, Mirza channeled spirits who tasted the Ghost Whopper and offered their unvarnished opinions.

The Burger King ad team swears that Mirza's channeling was authentic. "I didn't know what to expect," executive producer Carlos Torres told Adweek. "But Mirza was making personal connections with people participating, and it was very emotional. When the camera is rolling, you look at the monitor and want magic to happen, and it did."

Whether you want to eat a burger that's been approved by a dead person is entirely up to you.