Become Your Own Burger King With Le Whopper De La Quarantaine

Things are bad in America, but at least we still have some drive-thru Burger Kings. Over in France, the chain has closed all its locations to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. The nation is on a strict stay-at-home lockdown, where walks must be taken within one kilometer of one's home for no longer than one hour a day. Which is to say, things are bleak. Burger King France has taken to the internet (literally their only choice) to connect with their dominion. Behold: Le Whopper de la Quarantaine.

The Quarantine Whopper is, as you've no doubt gathered, an at-home Whopper recipe. Which is, well, a very standard homemade burger recipe. All you need is a hamburger bun, onions, pickles, ketchup, beef, mayo, lettuce, and tomato. The fast food giant isn't giving away any special trade secrets here—it's more of a way to connect with their audience via a fun little viral ad. If you really can't figure out how to put a hamburger together, BK France tweeted a how-to video. "To help you make home Whoppers, we made you a home video."

And the low-to-moderate fun doesn't stop at Whoppers. The chain has also posted ingredients for Le Big Fish, Le Steakhouse, and Le Big King. I'm going to go ahead and let you translate those names on your own. (While still on French menus, Le Steakhouse ran in North America from 2008 to 2012. So go ahead and make it if you want to bring it back from the dead, and/or feel like you're in France.) If you'd like, send them a video of you making a Quarantine Whopper—tag 'em @burgerkingfr.