5 Burger King Employees Fired For Drawing On Cop's Sandwich Wrapper

Five employees of a Burger King in Clovis, New Mexico no longer have jobs following an incident involving a police officer's order that took place last Thursday.

Per KRQE Albuquerque, the officer, Timo Rosenthal, was in uniform when he placed an order from the Burger King; when he unwrapped his order, the sandwich wrapper displayed a cartoonish drawing of a pig with a star that presumably represents a badge. The officer subsequently shared the photo on Facebook.


Rosenthal went on to note in his Facebook post that "the patties were burnt and the burger was of very poor quality."

When KRQE contacted the Burger King in question, a manager told them five employees involved in the incident had been fired. Fox News reports the location has also pledged free meals for uniformed law enforcement and a catered lunch to the police department.

Officer Rosenthal subsequently appeared on Fox & Friends, where he said: "Everybody has the freedom of speech, you know, if people want to express the hate or resentment they have for law enforcement, they can certainly do that, but if they follow it up with actions which then I don't get to enjoy my lunch or other actions, I mean you all have in New York the people that throw water on the cops, that's not okay."