Enormous Burger King Chicken Sandwich Shocks And Terrifies

A TikToker shared footage of an unusually large Ch’King, and turns out, there was a perfectly reasonable explanation to the whole thing.

Just yesterday, we discussed the unique glee of receiving more food than you initially ordered. Fast food freebies feel especially serendipitous—at least, up to a certain point. A recent TikTok video proves that it really is possible to have too much of a good thing, especially when that thing involves poultry.


Newsweek reports that TikTok user @taylorprice943 posted a video showcasing an abnormally large Burger King Ch'King sandwich. In the video, which you can watch here, a man holds up the sandwich containing a frankly enormous piece of fried chicken betwixt two dinky buns. (If I had to guess, I'd say the chicken patty is roughly the size of a large serving of chicken-fried steak. This is definitely not the size of a regulation breast.) We then hear a voice from offscreen say, "What the hell is that thing? That thing is f***ing huge."

Millions of views later, TikTokers have thoughts. One user commented: "That's the whole chicken." Others expressed concern over the safety of the chicken patty, commenting "ain't no way that's cooked inside." One even shared a video of a similarly-sized Ch'King with a completely raw center. "This exact sandwich almost killed me," that user wrote. "I even posted a video of it being straight up raw when I bit into it."


Other TikTokers, including one who claimed to be a former Burger King employee, insisted that the patty was simply over-battered. Fortunately, the original poster returned to TikTok several days later assuring viewers that the sandwich was fully cooked. "For everyone that's worried about it being undercooked, it was not undercooked," the TikToker explained in the clip, pointing out that the patty itself contained very little chicken and an excess of breading. "It was definitely cooked fine." So the employee's expert assessment was correct. But still, this is a good reminder, don't count your chickens and all that, and always post your weird sandwiches to TikTok.