Tot Off The Presses: Burger King Cheesy Tots Are Back

It's been 84 years since Burger King took its cheesy tots off the menu—just kidding, it's only been since March—but BK has finally heard your plaintive wails and brought the tots back for a limited time. Per a Burger King spokesperson, the tots are available nationwide for a limited time at participating restaurants, at the price of four tots for $1.

In researching the cheesy tots, because that's honestly my job, I discovered an interesting nugget—a tot of information, if you will: According to BK's website, "cheesy tot" is actually a registered trademark of the H.J. Heinz Company Brands LLC, which BK uses with permission from Heinz. (Heinz manufactures and distributes Ore-Ida products, so maybe that's why?)

Bottom line: Cheesy tots are back, but we don't know for how long. Commence your best-fried-potato-shape arguments posthaste.