Burger King Resurrects "Whazzzzzaaaaaaaaaaap," A Crime We Can Never Forgive

Burger King, what are you doing?

Ad Age has a story today about the first word verbally delivered by the Burger King (he's previously used American sign language). It is, shockingly, this word:

Why? WHY? In support of its new, limited-edition American Brewhouse King Sandwich, BK has partnered with Budweiser to re-release the tragically iconic commercial from the 2000 Super Bowl, now with an appearance by the kinda creepy mascot of the fast food chain.

If you watch this ad and assume this now means you can get an ice cold Bud at a BK near you, that's understandable. But per Ad Age, that's not the case.

Though Budweiser is sold in some of BK's high-end "Whopper Bar" restaurants in markets like Miami, Orlando and Las Vegas, it's not on offer at all BK restaurants as part of this effort. Budweiser's VP of Marketing Ricardo Marques said in a statement that the idea positions Bud and BK as the ultimate pairing for summer.

To hammer that home, the chain is also now offering a "Freedom Crown" to people over 21. It allows you to put a burger on a little head plate and a beer can in a little holder.

As for the burger? It consists of "two flame-grilled beef patties, three half-strips of thick-cut smoked bacon, crispy onions, tavern sauce, American cheese and mayo on a sesame seed bun and has a suggested price of $6.19."

It could be free and amazing and I'd still be irritated that this word is back in the collective American consciousness.