"It Is A Boy Bird With Crispy Chicken Tenders From Burger Thing"

Hey, who wants some totally silly marketing news? It's not a kitten video, but it's something. Mashable reports that Burger King, perhaps taking its cue from that weird Olive Garden bot, has released a series of ads they claim were written by what Mashable describes as a deep-learning algorithm. They're calling it all "Agency Of Robots," and perhaps we should all just move to a cave.


Some highlights:

"The Whopper lives in a bun mansion, just like you. Order yourself today."

"Bed of lettuce for you to sleep on. Bed of mayonnaise for extra sleep. The chicken sandwich from Burglar King. Tastes like bird."

"Gender reveal bad. Tender reveal young. It is a boy bird with crispy chicken tenders from Burger Thing. Like eleven-der, but minus one. Math is tasty."

"Burger King logo's chicken is the new potato. We are not sorry. The potato deserved this."

That's all. That's all I've got. These are funny and weird. Burger Thing is hilarious. The potato deserved this. Have a nice afternoon.