Do We Trust Burger King To Make An Adequate $1 Taco?

In the realm of fast-food dollar tacos, Jack in the Box has long held the throne. But a new challenger has emerged to test its grip on power, and it's a perhaps unlikely rival: Burger King. The chain announced it will debut $1 crispy tacos nationwide for a limited time starting today; they're available as an add-on to orders or as a stand-alone item. (Sorry Alaska and Hawaii, your prices will be higher.) If the idea of a Burger King taco sounds familiar, the chain did serve tacos for a limited time about a decade ago.

For a dollar, you can't expect a Doritos shell or strips of carne asada. Instead, you'll get what sounds like a pretty standard American taco: a crunchy tortilla filled with seasoned ground beef, shredded cheddar cheese, and lettuce, topped with BK's "savory taco sauce."

Given the low price tag, sure, we'd probably give this a shot on our next swing through the drive-thru. And really, BK isn't shooting for the moon with this new offering; as an add-on item, you just have to like the taco enough. It's probably going to become the dollar item that you shove immediately into your face as you're leaving the drive-thru, a sort of prelude to the Whopper main course, an amuse bouche of sorts.

Like opening bands and movie previews, it's not what you came for, it's just a little warm-up, a tide-over until the show gets started. It sets the stage and momentarily sates your rumbling stomach until you're settled enough to unwrap your full meal. And for just a buck, that's probably all it needs to do to succeed.