Ah, Suds! Budweiser Releases Utah-Themed Beer

I don't know many Utahns, but I'm very tickled by the so-called cusses the region is known for—"Holy shizz," "Oh my heck," and "Ah, suds," for example. That's the idea behind Budweiser's new Utah-themed beer, which pokes fun at Utah's famously clean-cut "swears" through a series of in-store advertisements and external promotions: "The beer Utah swears by."

Utah is the first state in the U.S. to have a specially designed Budweiser bottle, The Salt Lake Tribune reports. The product will be available in participating Utah markets through May 7, with a red, white, and blue label that reads "This Bud's for U-tah." The label also features Beehive State landmarks like the Wasatch Mountains. While the label won't feature Utah's famous "swears," phrases like "Frick Yeah" will feature prominently in in-store ads.

If you're looking for other ways to sport your Utah pride, the Tribune reports that Budweiser will even place "swear jars" at certain stores, with the cash going to support the Utah Clean Water Partnership. Finally, Budweiser is launching the "Swear, Sip and Ski" promotion, offering fans the opportunity to scream profanities while on the top of a Utah scenic mountain. The winner and a friend will get a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain to scream their preferred cusses in a "judgment-free zone," Adweek reports.

My fingers are crossed that Budweiser tackles my home state of Missouri next. I can already see Silver Dollar City, our glorious hillbilly-inspired theme park, emblazoned across a cold one.