Buckingham Palace Seeks Chef: Low Salary, But You Can't Beat The Digs

Maybe I've seen too many episodes of The Crown, but this still sounds like a good deal: Today and other outlets are reporting that Buckingham Palace is searching for a new Demi Chef De Partie. It's right there on the palace website! While the salary is a paltry £21,151.88 ($28,722.67 in colony money), you get a nice pension, 33 days off a year, and you could live at Buckingham Palace alongside the royals, eating like the monarchy you are feeding (salary then adjusted for onsite accommodations).

Turns out "demi-chef de partie" is a fancy way of saying assistant station chef or line cook. Still, the job demands that you "be an ambitious and qualified chef." Ideally, "You'll have some experience, possibly within a premier kitchen or volume catering, however, this isn't essential. We're more interested in your ability and enthusiasm to deliver across all four sections of kitchen." While any applicants probably won't be hired in time to make it to Harry and Meghan's wedding, there are still bound to be a smorgasbord of other events in store, from "receptions and state dinners, as well as staff lunches."

While I certainly have all the enthusiasm, I'm definitely lacking in the requisite culinary skills. So congrats to the future new member of the Buckingham Palace kitchen staff: I'm jealous of you already.