British Soccer Club's Hot Dog Uniforms Are Frankly Adorable

The town of Bedale sits in the north of England, and their local soccer team—Bedale AFC—wouldn't likely make The Takeout newswire if not for their delightful uniforms (we beg your pardon, British friends, for not calling them "kits").


Several years ago, a local sausage maker called Heck decided to sponsor Bedale AFC, and this partnership brought us these eye-catching, all-sausage tops:

But a soccer blog on ESPN is now reporting that for its upcoming season, Bedale will now be sporting a redesigned uniform—one that looks like a head-to-toe hot dog. It is just a thing of beauty, down to the ketchup squiggling down the inner thighs and the bulbous sausage-shaped font on the back of their uniforms:


Good on ya, lads; please know your friends across the pond at The Takeout—we are based in Chicago, after all—will be cheering you on this season. (Though can British friends enlighten us about their new club motto—"You'll never pork alone"—is this some sort of English expression that means something else to us Yanks?)

News of these hot dog-themed uniforms have inspired The Takeout staff to think: What if we sponsored a youth soccer team this fall? What should we call them? What would their uniforms look like? This is not a joke. Please leave your serious ideas below.