British Cheese Festival Runs Out Of Fairly Crucial Item

Reasons to attend a cheese festival: cheese, eating cheese, trying new cheese, cheese. Cheese cheese. So what happens when the cheese festival runs out of it?

Results are not pretty. BBC reports that a Brighton, U.K. event called The Big Cheese didn't stock enough of the key ingredient during the festival this past weekend, leaving attendees pissed and cheeseless.

Organizers of the festival posted on Facebook that they too were disappointed that "the event was disrupted by the adverse weather conditions." But festival attendees—who paid £22 (about $30 USD)—aren't buying the weather excuse, pointing to a tweet by the Big Cheese Festival the day before the event in which organizers said 70 percent of cheesemongers had arrived and set up their booths. Videos posted to social media show just a handful of cheese stands open on the day of the festival. The debacle also earned comparisons to the recent KFC chicken and gravy shortage in the U.K.

There are two lessons to be learned here: One, do not fuck with cheese festival attendees. They are ruthless when not placated with dairy. Two, you could take your $30, patronize your local cheese-selling establishment, and create your own tasting. Any meal can become a personal cheese festival if you just try hard enough.