British Chain Shamed Into Discontinuing Pre-Sliced, Costlier 'Cauliflower Steaks'

British retailer Marks & Spencer sheepishly announced today it would cease selling "cauliflower steaks," after the company faced online ridicule. A cauliflower steak, you see, is a slice of cauliflower wrapped in plastic that—according to the BBC—doubles in price with the word "steak" printed on its label.

Is a pre-cut cauliflower steak stupid? Yes. Is Marks & Spencer the only retailer guilty of this crap? No. Most grocery stores these days cater to—and make a killing off—our laziness and aversion to preparing our own food. Pre-cut onions, pre-made salads, and cubed fruit are all convenience foods that we've generally come to accept.

But woe to the grocery store who deigns to pre-chop a cruciferous vegetable. Twitter relentlessly derided the cauliflower steak for both its price tag and its environmentally irresponsible packaging.

The real crime, as far as we're concerned, is calling a vegetable a steak in the first place.