London Will Soon Host A Bring-Your-Own-Table Restaurant

I thought part of the reason for eating at a restaurant was that the establishment provides tables, silverware, chairs, napkins, food, etc., but what do I know? Apparently, the thought of dragging your own table to a restaurant has appeal, as a London pop-up called Trattoria Birra Moretti will encourage diners to do just that from June 12-15.

The Independent reports the pop-up restaurant is sponsored by Italian beer brand Birra Moretti and will feature six-course tasting menus from chef Gennaro Contaldo. According to the event's website, diners arriving without tables will be asked to donate 10 Euro to Campaign To End Loneliness. A glance at the fine print on Birra Moretti's website indicates only nine guests will be selected for each night's service, and each guest may bring up to three friends.

The gist of the drag-your-table-through-the-streets-of-London gimmick seems to be that the physical task will bring you and your friends together, and that you can then wax poetic about your friendship over a six-course meal. In actuality, I assume people will either bring tables in ride-share vans, or argue snippily with that one friend who is walking slower than everyone and complaining about blisters from the table. Frankly, eating alone sounds better than arguing with friends over who's not adequately holding their corner of a folding card table or squeezing way too closely around a tiny table. May I suggest a picnic?